Our strength programs are the basis of your training journey. Our coaches have spent years
testing and optimizing these methods in their respective sports. As a result, our array of
programs have been vetted and engineered to deliver the most effective approach to your training.

Getting Started

For those who are new to strength training we require
enrollment in the Starting Groundwork program before
commencing any group classes.*

Choose your path…

*Not required, but encouraged for those taking the Individualized Approach

Group Classes

Weightlifting Foundations

Weightlifting Foundations at JDI Barbell focuses on the
fundamentals of (Olympic-) weightlifting technique. This
course will teach the basics of the snatch and the clean
and jerk and will build foundational strength in and out of
these movements.

Each class includes guided warm-up, the programmed
workout which will include substantial hands-on technique
work along with accessory strength work.

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The sport of Powerlifting consists of three attempts at
three lifts: the squat, bench press and deadlift. At JDI
Barbell we’ve designed a program to help you maximize
your performance through competition-focused,
technique-driven programming.
Each class includes guided warm-up, the programmed
workout, which will focus on improving the three
competition movements, and accessory strength work.
This class is ideal for athletes with 6+ months’ experience.
For those a little less experienced, we suggest the Strength
Groundwork class

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Weightlifting Team

The JDI Barbell Weightlifting Team is intended for athletes
looking to make a commitment to train in a focused,
competitive environment. Weightlifting Team classes are
programmed with competition-level performance in mind.

Each session is proctored by our head coach and will
follow that day’s specific program. You will not find any
other gym in the New York area that trains at this volume,
we promise.

This class is perfect for athletes with 6+ months’
experience who want to take their training to the next level.

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Individualized Approach

Custom Programming

Custom Programming provides a flexible option for
athletes who are unable to fit our group classes into their
schedule or prefer an approach tailored exclusively to
As this program is specially designed to your needs, you
decide on the number of training days per week, duration
of sessions and your overall focus. In addition, each
month you’ll meet with one of our coaches for a one-onone session to go over your progress and technique

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If you’re looking for some one-on-one time with one of our
fantastic coaches, look no further.

A one-on-one session is
the perfect setting to focus on your technique and
weaknesses at the convenience of your schedule.

Sessions are available with any of our coaches.

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Remote Coaching

If you have the misfortune of not living within close
proximity to our facilities, you can now join us remotely via
the JDI Barbell Online Weightroom.
As a remote JDI Barbell Athlete, you’ll have access to our
latest training programs and our online remote-coaching
forum where you can submit your training videos for
review by our coaches and mix and mingle with other
members of the team

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