Strength Groundwork II is for anyone ready for a greater workload and new challenges.

Here we focus on the same main barbell lifts as Strength Groundwork I but every member in this group is already has experience in practicing them and needs less teaching and more coaching to lead and push to  them to the next stage.


Although Strength Groundwork II is where many of our SGI members graduate to after completing their first 8 week long cycle, some new members such as yourself may already be experienced enough to join this group immediately.

In SGI, our members learn how to perform the back squat, front squat, deadlift, overhead press, and bench press, in SGII, they learn how to train, and train hard.

JDI members learn that there is a distinct difference between doing exercises and training. Although you may never compete in any barbell sports, our coaches and our community pushes you to work towards goals as if you were, and we often do in-house testing in a no pressure environment to see the rewards of our hard work.


In SGII you’ll train alongside four to eight other members. You will all share equipment and do the same training program together on the same days. These training programs are written in four to six week cycles, each of which emphasize a particular attribute of training and all of which builds on itself.


You can join at anytime, though! Our coaches have modified plans to adjust the training for anyone who may join mid-cycle to put them on the right track.


Strength Groundwork II members generally remain in this group for four to six months before deciding to move on to a higher level powerlifting group or try Olympic Weightlifting depending on ability level and how quickly they adapt to the training.

If you have been practicing these lifts and are confident in your ability and are looking to be pushed and held accountable with a planned training program and a coach focused on you with the experience needed to truly help you, sign up below!


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All of our membership options are month-to-month with no sign up or cancellation fee. You can also put your account on hold with sufficient notice whenever and as often as you want. We’re a close community and we want to make sure everyone who is here wants to be here.

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