Getting Started

Our Strength Groundwork programs are where you’ll get started if you’re new to the barbell,  or if you feel that you need a fresh start or that there must be a better way.

The program is the specific membership offering which includes your individual training program, as well as the entire process on how we teach and create a team atmosphere in our groups and classes, in addition to support and instruction from our coaches.


Our coaches utilize a step-by -step standard curriculum to teach our members not only learn how to perform general barbell movements effectively and safely, but also understand how to use their bodies in a better, more efficient way by focusing on the principles of all movement.

All JDI members get access to our group training spreadsheets where they create their own “Athlete Tab" to track their progress and follow along as to what is next.

Each group has a singular coach dedicated to taking every member of the group through this process. The coach stays with each member of the group from the start of their journey through the completion of the course for Strength Groundwork I and there is one coach responsible for each Strength Groundwork II meeting time. With one consistent coach, you will build a better relationship with him or her and they will get to know you and your individual needs to adjust the training to work specifically for you.

Although every group member completes the same program and support each other through this process, each individual works their way through the program.

Strength Groundwork I is our initial 8 week cycle for beginners or those looking to relearn the barbell movements that teaches the fundamentals and principles of movement as it applies to the main barbell movements:  back squat, front squat, deadlift, overhead press, and bench press.

If you’re brand new to the barbell or need a fresh start -  Find out more about Strength Groundwork I

Strength Groundwork II is for anyone ready for more of a workload and new challenges. We focus on the same main barbell lifts as SGI (Strength Ground Work I) but if already understand the lifts and don’t need to be taught them from step one but rather have more coaching and someone to lead and push you, this is for you.

If you’ve been lifting and practicing these movements and are looking for an extra push, find out more about Strength Groundwork II below!

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