You don’t need any experience to join us today. Our coaches will take the time to teach you our standardized system in a way that’s safe and easy to understand.

In our Strength Groundwork I class, you will be guided through our introductory 8 week training cycle. This training cycle has been systematically created to teach beginners, or those in need of a refresher, the main, fundamental barbell movements while ensuring safety and creating structure that guarantees success.


In SGI, you’ll learn and practice the back squat, front squat, deadlift, overhead press, and bench press during this 3 time per week training program.


These lifts are the markers that you’ll track  from beginning to end to ensure you’re progressing. We give our members objective measures to track to show them how they’re improving rather than telling them to take our word for it. Your training program will also include assistance work to build muscle around the areas that are often neglected in lifestyle and general workouts to keep your joints safe and resilient.

Our uniform teaching method along with our coach’s meticulous eyes for correction, help you understand the principles of these movements to make the learning process faster and easier. than you and the how and why behind doing these movements to make the learning process more clear than you thought possible.

The first two weeks of Strength Groundwork 1 are spent learning how to execute basic movements behind the lifts with easier to understand lower level movements and drills that provide the framework and are the building blocks to learning the more complex  lifts. After that, you’ll learn all of the lifting etiquette you need and being your 8 weeks of progressive training built on this solid two week foundation.


Although everyone completes the same program, each individual team member completes the program in chronological order at their own pace. This means that even if you take a week off, you still come back to the same place in the training cycle. Everything builds on itself and your success is based off of following a plan in the correct sequence.

This is a one time cycle and after its completion the team members can choose to join one of the Strength Groundwork II groups, which is the next step where volume and complexity are added to the training and lifters can build from everything they learned in Strength Groundwork I. They can also choose to try a different discipline like Olympic Weightlifting.


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All of our membership options are month-to-month with no sign up or cancellation fee. You can also put your account on hold with sufficient notice whenever and as often as you want. We’re a close community and we want to make sure everyone who is here wants to be here.

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