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Weightlifting Foundations is where you will learn the basics of Olympic weightlifting. Olympic weightlifting, also simply referred to as weightlifting, is a sport in which two lifts ( the snatch and clean and jerk)  are contested to lift as much weight possible in a single lift. But while we have some advanced level weightlifters who train at JDI, we welcome those who have no interest in ever competing and just enjoy using weightlifting for their fitness or just think of it as a hobby.  In fact, what we do best is develop beginners into adept weightlifters.

Our coaches take the time to teach each team member all aspects and standard of technique. The Foundations training programs focus on learning and practicing these complex lifts with acute detail while also including plenty of strength work with squats, presses, and accessory exercises. 

When you join -


You will be brought through an initial 6-week training cycle to teach you each segment of the lift sequentially to eventually perform the full lift. You will learn the parts of the whole in meticulous detail to improve the entire learning process.

After the first 6 Week Cycle -


You will receive intermediate level programming in 4-6 week training cycles where you will continue to train alongside weightlifters with similar abilities and be guided by great coaches. 

What You'll Get


Tuesday &


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM



10:00 AM - 11:15 AM

  • Personalized instruction in the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk

  • The attention of two coaches each class 

  • A group of people to support you working toward the same goal

  • Multiple levels of team programming from beginner to intermediate 

All JDI members get access to our training spreadsheets where they create their own “Athlete Tabs" to track their progress and follow the program at their pace.


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