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 JDI Barbell is not only one of New York City's only dedicated strength gyms; it is also a community that shares a commitment: seeking strength through the barbell. 


We’re here to connect people with different backgrounds to a  community of people with similar passions. Our culture, our team, and our coaches will help you find the strength to you to reach your unique goal.


Although we're home to some very high-level weightlifters and powerlifters, we not only work with but also develop beginners better than any other barbell club or strength gym.  

New JDI members are immediately connected with others of varying skill levels to learn from and interact with. More importantly, our coaches provide high-level instruction on site. We believe that great systems of coaching form a foundation for the fastest, most effective progress.

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If you're Powerlifter or on the road to it, we offer coaching and programming to improve your total in the squat, bench, and deadlift.

We offer a home for Olympic Weightlifters to come and train whenever they want with access to programming, coaching and competition-grade equipment.

JDI Barbell is one stop away from Manhattan and walking distance from every major train in Queens (N,Q,R,W,7,G,E,M, & R trains) .

If you’re looking to work harder and be pushed farther with exceptional coaches to guide you and a team to support you, click below!

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